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Member Spot Light

Tom Peterson, PE
Member Since 2011

• What do you do? I am the director of engineering for the Port of Portland. I manage the Port's Engineering department that includes a multi-disciplined engineering staff of 85, and have overall responsibility for management of the Port's capital construction program.

• What do you value in the people you work with? Dedication and commitment, open and honest communication, integrity and ethics, and a good sense of humor.

• Who is your most influential role model? A former manager of mine Greg Sparks who passed away last year. I admired his thoughtfulness, humility, sense of humor, level headed approach, and commitment to his staff and family.

• What do you think companies need to do to attract younger generations into the engineering industry? I think the organization or company needs to have a meaningful mission or purpose, that are they making a difference in the world, and/or improving people's lives and wellbeing. They need to offer flexible work schedules, opportunities to growth and development, and a collaborative work environment.

• If you weren't an engineer, you'd be? Probably an architect. I have always been interested in building construction and even considered pursuing architectural while I was in college. I been fortunate throughout my career to work on a wide variety of buildings.

• Proudest accomplishment? I have many, but as electrical engineer and a longtime advocate of energy conservation, being a part of the design, construction, and actually working in our LEED Platinum Headquarter Building. On a personal level, I am proud to say I have been married for a 38 years to my wife and very proud of my two children.

• Finish this sentence: You joined PEO to... Initially as the Director of Engineering and a professional engineer, I felt the need to be affiliated with key professional organizations that support the various engineering professions within my organization. Over time I have become more active in PEO and appreciate PEO's focus on advocating and advancing the engineering profession. I have had a great and fulfilling career as an engineer and what to promote this profession to others.