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Support our students !

Dave Bassett has proposed the following contest to raise funds for our Engineering Scholarships:
If the members will pledge matching funds; he will donate $25,000 directly from his IRA to our 501c3 PEO EDU FDN.
This method helps our fund, and assists the donor at tax time.
Presently the total fund is around $215,000 which we need to at least double to be more effective in awarding meaningful Engineering scholarships.
Use the attached form to submit your contributions and pledges to Sec Treas Ralph Dunham, or send to the PEO office in care of Belinda Rasmussen.


The PEO Educational Foundation is a non profit charitable corporation in Oregon whose mission is to provide scholarships to Oregon citizens pursuing engineering degrees at any one of Oregon's five ABET accredited colleges. It has its own Board and raises funds both in concert with PEO and independently.

Over the past 40 years the Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. Current schools eligible for awards are Oregon State, Portland State, George Fox, Oregon Institute of Technology and University of Portland.

Goal to provide the following scholarships:

◊ Two $1,000 scholarships to Oregon State University engineering students
◊ One $1,000 scholarship to a George Fox engineering student
◊ One $1,000 scholarship to an engineering student at Oregon Tech / Oregon Institute of Technology
◊ One $1,000 scholarship to an engineering student at Portland State University
◊ One $1,000 scholarship to an engineering student at University of Portland

The dean's office at each of the schools selected the students for these scholarships.
They select students based upon the Foundation's preference policy as follows:
A. Oregon Students. Applicants must be citizens of the USA and either (a) graduates of an Oregon high school, or (b) be the child of a parent who is a bona fide permanent Oregon resident.
B. Membership in the NSPE & PEO- Students are to join for free at:
C. Scholastic Level – Preference shall be given in order of descending priority to students in their:

  • i. Fifth or final undergraduate year;
  • ii. Fourth undergraduate year;
  • iii. Third undergraduate year;
  • iv. Second undergraduate year;
  • v. Students entering their freshman year may not be considered for scholarships.

D. Potential Contribution – Potential of the student candidate to make a significant contribution to society and the engineering profession shall be the principle consideration.

E. Financial Need – Financial need shall be the secondary consideration. In addition to financial need, the candidate must show reasonable expectation of being able to complete the scholastic year with the total financial aid available and such self-help (employment) as is reasonably available.

F. Grades – Cumulative grade points shall be of tertiary consideration.

Matters Not To Be Considered – Sex, race, and religion shall not enter into the award.

For details on scholarship requirements for individuals please see the attached Bylaws or contact the Financial Aid office at the eligible schools. 

Central Oregon Chapter has a seperate Scholarship Program.  The chapter volunteers select students. 
The goal is to support local students attendng engineering schools in Oregon.

Governing Documents:


2020/2021 Board Members:
President – Matthew Cash, PE
Vice President – David Etchart, PE
Treasurer/Secretary – Ralph Dunham, PE
Board Members:
Tom Headley, PE
Charlie Rowles, PE
David Reece, PE
Stephen Anderson, PE, FNSPE
David Bassett, PE