Get Involved at the State Level of Leadership!

Annual Conference Committee 
To organize, conduct and supervise the Convention and Annual Meeting. The goal of this meeting in addition to presenting the work of the Professional Engineers to the public, is to provide a medium whereby our members may learn more of their professional and civic responsibilities, review mutual problems, conduct appropriate society business of state-wide significance and enjoy the fellowship of their fellow engineers.

Awards Committee
To nominate a candidate to receive the "Engineer of the Year", "Young Engineer of the Year" and National awards.

Legislative Committee
To promote and defend the interests of the engineering profession in legis­lative activity.
To consider matters of legislation affecting the engineering profession, on state and local levels to provide guidance and direction to appropriate legislator(s), through a designate retained by Professional Engineers of Oregon.

OSBEELS Representative
To monitor the activities of the OSBEELS, report to the PEO Board matters of interest to the engineering pro­fession and convey to OSBEELS the views of PEO on items under consideration.

Tellers Committee
To insure that all corporate members of the Society in good standing are given an opportunity to vote and that their ballots are counted as marked on all matters requiring a vote of the membership.